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Order Status

Luschic Main Order Statuses
All your orders are listed in your Luschic account here.
Once we receive your payment, your order will go through several steps before being “Shipment Shipped”.
Please refer to the different order statuses and their meanings below:
Awaiting Payment:
This order is unpaid. Please feel free to pay your order now. Once we receive your payment, we will process your order.
Awaiting Confirm Payment:
You have attempted to pay us via PayPal e-check. At this time we haven’t received your payment yet, please check your Paypal account or bank account balance and confirm whether your funds are sufficient. If the payment has been completed successfully, please send us the transaction ID or payment proof to speed up the process.
Payment Wrong:
Payment error which means we can’t received it and upload your order.
Awaiting Shipping:
You have just paid for your order, our server will upload your order shortly and we will start to process your order. Thank you for your patience.
Luschic will typically process orders 3-10 business days upon payment. Your processing order will go through the following phases:
1- Receiving and allocating items to your order
2- Inspecting your items quality
3- Packing and printing shipping labels.
Once these 3 phases have been done, we will dispatch your order.
*For more information about our dispatch time for your specific item, please refer to the product page and see i.e "Ships within 5-10 business days.
Shipment Shipped:
Your complete order has been sent out and is now on its way to you. Please follow up the delivery in your account and track the item online.
The order has been delivered to the address you provided.
1- Your unpaid order is canceled. Please feel free to replace an order anytime.
2- Your order has been refunded on our side. For Paypal payment, please allow 3- 7 working days for the transaction to be completed on your account. For credit card payment, it will take 7 to 25 working days depending on your credit card merchant.
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